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Hamlet Project: A Rock 'N' Roll Mixtape

Theater Event Hosted by We Happy Few Productions and Capitol Hill Arts Workshop

"Blissful” Chris Rustic and “Slick” Nick Riot of A RUSTIC RIOT are just playing a regular rock 'n’ roll gig, when their sweet tunes unexpectedly summon the ghosts from HAMLET - who hijack the show to tell their story one rock song at a time, spiraling us towards the dramatic denouement. Will Nick and Chris be able to finish their gig?  Can indie rock prevent the greatest tragedy ever written? And who invited Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, anyway?

What is Hamlet Project?  Hamlet Project is a 5-year exploration of our favorite play.  We invite you to join us as we pull-apart and put back together Hamlet.  This year's Hamlet Project event is a haunted rock 'n' roll show.  But that's just the beginning.  Over the next 5 years we'll be experimenting with music, art, sound, dance, food, drink, cookies, traffic cones, spaceships, or whatever else we can get our hands on to turn Hamlet inside-out and-upside down!  Each project will be an original and distinct theatrical event of unparalleled ambition and imagination.  Welcome to Hamlet Project.

Event Notice: 

Event Dates: June 9, 2018 

Time: 8 pm

Price: $10

Show Run Time: 

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Event Location:  Capitol Hill Arts Workshop 545 7th Street, SE, Washington DC 20003