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Lone Piñon

Music Event Hosted by Library Of Congress

Lone Piñon is an acoustic conjunto from Northern New Mexico whose music celebrates the diversity and integrity of their region's cultural roots. Using violins, accordion, quinta huapangera, bajo sexto, guitarrón, tololoche, and vocals in Spanish, English, Nahuatl, and P'urépecha, the group has revived and updated the Chicano stringband style that once flourished in New Mexico, bringing a devoted musicianship to Northern New Mexican polkas and chotes, virtuosic Mexican huapango and son calentano, and classic borderlands conjunto. The oldest strands of New Mexican traditional music dwindled in the 1950s when New Mexico was rapidly assimilated into the American economic and cultural environment. But traces of these traditions remain in recordings, photos, and the living memory of elders. The musicians of Lone Piñon--Noah Martinez, Jordan Wax, and Leticia Gonzales—learned from elder musicians, who instilled in them a respect for continuity and an example of the radicalism, creativity, and cross-cultural solidarity that has always informed folk music. In 2014, they formed Lone Piñon to strengthen the oldest strands of New Mexico string music through relationships with elders, study of field recordings, and connections to parallel traditional music and dance revitalization movements in the US and Mexico. Their active repertoire reflects the complexity of this musical landscape and includes twin-fiddle traditions from South Texas, Tohono O'odham fiddle tunes from Arizona, early conjunto accordion music, contemporary New Mexican rancheras and canciones norteñas, orquesta tejana, New Mexican and Mexican swing, huapangos huastecos from the Mexican Huasteca region, and several styles of music from Michoacán: son calentano and son planeco from the southern lowlands and son abajeño and pirekuas from the P'urepecha highlands.

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Event Dates: August 1, 2018 

Time: Noon

Price: FREE

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Event Location:  Library Of Congress -Thomas Jefferson Building (Coolidge Auditorium) - 10 1st Street SE, Washington, DC 20540