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Further Film Festival

Film Event Hosted by The National Geographic Museum

National Geographic opens the curtain on the second annual FURTHER Film Festival, showcasing the amazing work—and inspired vision—of our explorers in the field. Join the filmmakers and explorers for an inside look at the stories behind the stories.

Film Schedule (films will be shown in order listed below)

The Last Nomads of India (2 minutes)
The Nomadic gypsies of India live a life of constantly questioning and searching for the unknown. Originating from the Northern Indian state of Rajasthan, the Gypsies cross the nation and transcend international borders on a lifelong quest for new beginnings and prosperity. This short video captures a rare inside look into the lives of some of the last Nomadic people in the world.

Symphony For Our World (55 minutes)
This breathtaking masterpiece draws on stunning National Geographic natural history footage combined with an original symphony created by Emmy- and BAFTA-nominated Bleeding Fingers Music to create a captivating musical journey through some of the world’s most incredible wildlife spectacles.

Untamed with Filipe DeAndrade (10 minutes)
After winning the Nat Geo Wild to Inspire short documentary contest Filipe DeAndrade went on to host his own adventurous series documenting the lives of wild creatures around the world.

Person of the Forest (17 minutes)
In the disappearing rainforests of Borneo, researcher Cheryl Knott and her husband, photographer Tim Laman, uncover unique cultural behaviors in wild orangutans.

Dive to the Edge of Creation (58 minutes)
In this 1977 National Geographic Special, a Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution expedition, led by Robert Ballard discovers hydrothermal vents deep in the Pacific Oceans’ Galapagos Rift, vents and makes the first-ever discovery of plants and animals not dependent on photosynthesis for life.

The Last Honey Hunter (36 minutes)
National Geographic explorers Renan Ozturk and Mark Synott follow a man from the Kulung culture in Nepal to sky-scraping heights as he harvests psychotropic honey that is guarded by capricious spirits and the world’s largest honeybees.

Fallen Tree (7 minutes)
World renowned biologist Nalini Nadkarni pioneered the use of mountain climbing equipment to assist her climbs of rainforest canopies in the early 1980’s, but years of research, countless ascents came to an abrupt halt during a normal afternoon 50 feet above ground in the Olympic National Park.

Sun Bear (11 minutes)
An explorer looks at the world through the eyes of a resilient young sun bear as it struggles to survive amid deforestation and poaching in Borneo.

In Search of Tzotz (10 minutes)
Dr. Rodrigo Medellin began studying bats as an eight-year-old, when he raised vampire bats in a bathroom at his parents' house. Today, the biologist is internationally known as The Bat Man of Mexico and has spent his career studying bats all over his country. But there are two species, deep that Rodrigo has longed to study. Both species are very rare, very large, and very carnivorous.

Beneath the Canopy (6 minutes)
Members of the Tembé tribe, in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil work with explorer Topher White to use cell phones and a machine learning tool to combat illegal logging.

Outnumbered in Africa (8 minutes)
Sometimes beauty follows tragedy. Such is the case of what occurred after Cecil the Lion’s death. Most people know the story of Zimbabwe’s most famous lion and how he was illegally shot by an American dentist in 2015. The world reacted by donating over $1 million dollars. That money funded cutting edge research to better protect Cecil’s pack and his extended lion family. Few people know that much of that research was done by Moreangels Mbizah, a young Zimbabwean woman, Oxford University PhD candidate, and mother. Outnumbered in Africa follows Moreangel’s journey after Cecil’s death, revealing a deeper story of beauty and tragedy that receives far less attention in the world of African wildlife conservation.

Jane (90 minutes)
Produced from treasure house of footage from National Geographic’s archives, this film offers an intimate look at the life and work of the renowned primatology scientist, Jane Goodall, and her pioneering chimpanzee research in Tanzania.

Event Notice: 

Event Dates: June 17, 2018

Time: 11 am - 5 pm

Price: $10

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Event Location:  The National Geographic Museum, 1600 M Street, NW, Washington DC 20036