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Frequently Asked Questions


If you need assistance, please read the EventPost Frequently Asked Questions. If your concern is not addressed please email us.

Q. What is EventPost?
EventPost is an event sharing websitecreated by two frustrated parents who were tired of doing the same thing every weekend and missing out on other wonderful things to do as a family. 

Q. Is EventPost owned by or affiliated with The Washington Post?
No and No. We do Events! They do News?

Q. What type of events do you list?
We are selective when it comes to listing events, because we want people to try something different, not buy something different.  

Q. Can I submit my event?
Yes. We actually encourage people/venues to submit events. Our ambitious goal is to share every event, so any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Q. How long will my event listing appear on the EventPost Calendar?
Once approved, your event listing will appear on the Calendar continuously. You can request by email to have your listing removed, please specify date and name of event via email.

Q. Once I submit an event, how long does it take before it is posted to the EventPost Calendar?
To maintain the professional integrity of our site, each listing must go through an approval process prior to being posted to the EventPost Calendar. In most cases, this occurs within a few hours, with the maximum being 24 hours.

Q. Can I submit my event listing as far in advance as I'd like?
Yes, you can post event listings days, weeks or months in advance. 

Q. Can I included an image or video with my event listing?
No, any events posted through this system will only appear in text.

Q. I noticed images for some events/venues, how can I pay to have my event/venue displayed?
We randomly select and alternate images for events/venues to be displayed. 

Q. If I want to submit a recurring event each month, do I have to submit each one separately?
Yes, each month's event would be considered as a separate listing. 

Q. Can I select more than one category for my event listing?
Yes, in some cases. For example if you have a performance falls under the Arts category and the Kids + Family Category.  Most event listing fall under one category. If more than one category applies to your event listing, we recommend choosing the one that is most relevant.

Q. What cities do you list events in?
We currently only list events in the Washington DC metro area, because that's where we live and play.