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Heart Stück Bernie

Dance Event Hosted by Dance Place

Snake Telegram is a soft and vicious solo, which unravels from maneuvered folds into an operetta of savage and coarse dimensions. Both mystery and surprise, Sarah Beth Oppenheim weaves quirky-luscious movement from coil to cry. With a handmade sensibility, the work’s plucked and tarnished movements contrast a soundtrack of cool, cool jazz.

An exploration of gender and femininity, Oppenheim culminates three years of research into the self and how one navigates the pitfalls and pratfalls of contemporary womanhood. With dance theater elements of stylized physicality, comfort extremes, character work and audience engagement, the work offers tethers and branches for others to connect and yield their own experiences.

Photo by Zachary Z. Handler Photography.

Event Notice: Be advised this show contains adult content including profanity, frank sexual issues, explicit text about genitalia and gender.

Event Dates: July 21 & July 22, 2018 

Time: July 21 (8 pm) - July 22 (7 pm)

Price: $15 - $30

Show Run Time:  

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Event Location:  Dance Place - 3225 8th Street, NE , Washington DC 20017