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City Dance Children & Youth Concert

Dance Event Hosted by Strathmore

Rhodopis and The Golden Sandal is a modern interpretation of an ancient Egyptian story. Rhodopis is a young girl is gifted with a pair of mystical sandals, made golden by the light of dawn and the Truth of Ma’at. The daughter of a poor but skilled papyrus maker, Rhodopis studies the Egyptian Hieroglyphs and becomes a learned and truthful young woman. Rhodopis is protected by the Egyptian gods including the powerful Horus, half man and half falcon. Gifted with eye of Egypt, Horus discovers a deep sadness in the Pharoah who still seeks a beautiful and truthful queen to rule by his side. Horus steals one of Rhodopis' golden sandals for the Pharaoh, sending him on a quest into the mountains, over the Nile and across the desert in search of his queen of truth. Our story culminates at dawn as the red ball of Ra bursts above the horizon’s rim and Rhodopis and Pharaoh finally meet on the paw of the Sphynx.

Event Notice:  11am show: The Golden Sandal - features Lower School & the Little Movers. 3:30pm show: Rhodophis & The Golden Sandal - features the Upper School. This concert is not presented by Strathmore.

Event Dates: May 27, 2018 

Time: 11 am and 3:30 pm

Price: $22 - $27

Show Run Time:  

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Event Location:  Strathmore (The Music Center),  5301 Tuckerman Lane, North Bethesda, MD  20852